“I’m passionate about communication and bringing out the best in people. There is nothing more rewarding for me than seeing people becoming more confident and energised, because they have taken on board new techniques to get themselves there.”

“Angelika is a natural enthusiast!  You can’t help but feel affected by her good vibe. She leads with ease and has a personality of persuasive authority. I recommend her coaching services highly.”             Susan H. Nelson                                                    

Angelika’s coaching career started in sports as a teenager and carried through to her professional life as Trainer and Coach in the Banking Academy in her native country, Germany, delivering their national Communication & Sales training courses (www.rwag.de).

In New Zealand her career spans across all three economic sectors: Public (Education), Private (Tourism, Finance) and the Voluntary Sector, where she held operational and people management positions with great success.

Her life-long passion and involvement in Performing Arts has been a fitting scene to cultivate stage presence and perfect presentation skills. Experiential learning is a main ingredient of her workshops and courses – aka ‘I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.’

Angelika specialises in working with professionals improving Workflow, Communication and Culture, Leadership abilities and overall confidence.

She has a trained eye for efficient workflow and streamlining processes, the ability to educate/train and present complex information in an entertaining, easy-to-understand way, strong communication and listening skills and the ability to ask hard questions to get to the root of issues.

Angelika has lived in New Zealand for over two decades and appreciates the importance Kiwis place on having a healthy balance of work and family life.

In her spare time Angelika furthers her interests interests in Human Psychology, Psychodrama, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Non Violent Communication as well as Emotional and Cultural Intelligence. She is a NZ and Australia accredited Life Coach and an accomplished Toastmaster and Past President for local Club, “Madhatters”.

“My mission is to enhance Communication & Culture by raising self-awareness and emotional intelligence in people when they are interacting with others.” 


I am excited to let you know I also offer in-house ‘Speaking With Confidence’ courses in collaboration with Thomas Spring.  click here for more info