Bye Bye Bullies – Feb 2018


Learn how to outsmart thbye-bye-bullies-poster.jpge bullies in your work life and in your private life!

Have you found yourself bullied by co-workers or by a friend or family member?

Do you feel low in self-esteem and confidence? Do you feel intimidated and manipulated?

Meet a bully’s aggression with a firm “halt”, so he stops walking all over you. Learn strategies and practical ways to stand up for yourself and become bully-proof! Experience how different body language, a different tone of voice and powerful come-backs provide you with effective tools to get bullies off your back.

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Angelika is passionate about communication and bringing out the best in people

Bye-Bye Bullies!

Learn to stand up for yourself

I can do it

Would you like to go on a journey from Fear to Confidence???

In this dynamic 2 hour workshop, you will discover open honest communication paired with experiential learning.

    • Become assertive without being aggressive.

    • Practice how to state your needs & opinions clearly and firmly, so that people take notice.

    • Acquire these desirable skills for a happier and more successful life.

When? Tuesday, 5th December, 6 – 8 pm

Where? Hearing House, 354 Trafalgar Square

near Rutherford Hotel

How much? Investment in yourself $45



The Need To Understand

Do you resonate with this?


I strive to understand people, situations, processes, even machines – my head can go into real overdrive for the sheer desire to figure ‘it’ out. There is immediate frustration, when I can’t understand or cannot get it fully. The feeling of not being able to connect entirely with the person, subject or task at hand, can leave me feeling blue. In fact, my brain starts playing the ‘repeat’ button over and over in an attempt that surely this time I will solve the riddle.

How utterly relieved was I, the day (actually it was during the night) I finally ‘got it’ !!!!!

Yes, I am allowed to not understand everyone and everything! There is no need to be on that same ‘wave-length’, it is o.k. not to analyse and solve!

….and the best thing is that this is true for anyone else coming into contact with myself – he or she does not have to understand me, my way of thinking, my way of acting, my way of being – trusting that all is well and the way it is supposed to be is way easier.


Strategies For Success


 In this workshop I shared strategies on how to work SMARTER rather than HARDER

There are emotionally intelligent strategies we can learn that save us from burnouts and taking sick-leave because of sheer exhaustion and stress. These were the areas I highlighted:

  • How to set goals
  • The best way to focus
  • Powerful use of language
  • How to achieve success for our business and personal life

You ARE in Sales

 Regardless of what business you’re in, you are in sales.

Sales is all about communication! Yes, when dealing with your suppliers, your customers, your staff, colleagues, friends and family….you are in communication…face-to-face, on the phone, via text, email, facebook….you name it.

How much better could the uptake of your proposals or quotes be, how much more beneficial to your business could a customer complaint be, how many staff would still be dedicated to working with you if only the flow of communication had been different…

Angelika Barnes is a sales & communication expert – let’s take stock of how much room for improvement there is, in this vital area of your business.

My training means you’re gaining




Coaching is a professional development process, which encourages action and changes in behaviour based on your increased self-awareness and commitment. Through on-going focused conversations with your business coach, synergy is created resulting in you reaching exponentially greater solutions than working on your own.

Why does coaching work?

Coaching works because it increases your awareness of your situation and gives you an opportunity to work on it with professional assistance. You examine options, make choices, and take responsibility to carry out your own personal action plan.

Coaching is a venue for you to discover and realize your dreams and goals. Having a regular appointed time to check in, recharge, and focus on your objectives motivates and fosters achievement of those objectives.

Coaching brings out your best!