You ARE in Sales

 Regardless of what business you’re in, you are in sales.

Sales is all about communication! Yes, when dealing with your suppliers, your customers, your staff, colleagues, friends and family….you are in communication…face-to-face, on the phone, via text, email, facebook….you name it.

How much better could the uptake of your proposals or quotes be, how much more beneficial to your business could a customer complaint be, how many staff would still be dedicated to working with you if only the flow of communication had been different…

Angelika Barnes is a sales & communication expert – let’s take stock of how much room for improvement there is, in this vital area of your business.

My training means you’re gaining




Coaching is a professional development process, which encourages action and changes in behaviour based on your increased self-awareness and commitment. Through on-going focused conversations with your business coach, synergy is created resulting in you reaching exponentially greater solutions than working on your own.

Why does coaching work?

Coaching works because it increases your awareness of your situation and gives you an opportunity to work on it with professional assistance. You examine options, make choices, and take responsibility to carry out your own personal action plan.

Coaching is a venue for you to discover and realize your dreams and goals. Having a regular appointed time to check in, recharge, and focus on your objectives motivates and fosters achievement of those objectives.

Coaching brings out your best!


“Angelika is a natural enthusiast!  You can’t help but feel affected by her good vibe. She leads with ease and has a personality of persuasive authority. I recommend her coaching services highly.”                                                                    Tracy U., September 2016


“I’m a dyslexic and was really seeking help in managing stressful situations associated with my condition. Angelika’s approach was exactly what I needed – clearly explained and practice applied. The ‘acceptance’ aspect was very helpful, rather than asking ‘why me’? Angelika’s positive energy was simply infectious.”                   Matt B., August 2016


“I had a personal coaching session with Angelika and found her coaching style very encouraging. It gave me new skills and an understanding on how to deal with a particular challenging situation. I learned how to tap into my power and take charge of a situation to create a positive outcome for everyone. I really like Angelika’s style as it is focused on solutions and creating win-win situations.”               Thomas S., July 2016


Here for You

I help you to achieve what you desire most, be it in your professional or your personal life!

Once you disclose to me what it is that you desire most, I will take you on a plane ride to reach your desired destination. My coaching expertise serves as a catalyst for your own development on that journey, making sure you will stay on track and don’t start to take a vacation in stop-over locations along the way.

We will be traveling business class, i.e. enough comfort to make it enjoyable and just the right level of discomfort so you will extend yourself and reach your goal.