“It is enjoyment that creates the will to succeed.”

A multitude of different factors in the workplace play a role in developing an excellent workplace culture, but the biggest factor of all is people. The people you hire all come with their own personalities, beliefs, values, diverse skills and experiences. This shapes everyday behaviours and the types of interactions that occur between employees. If undesirable or non-productive, these behaviours need to be addressed and changed in a diplomatic way.

In addition, abiding to new Health and Safety requirements, reducing stress factors in the workplace, your obligation to deal with these various situations has become paramount. Gone are the days where we would more or less ignore what is going on within the team and rather let go of staff than harness the investment in Human Capital at hand.

I believe in an open honest communication culture and in experiential learning.
By conducting one-on-one as well as focused group sessions I will guide your people to a new level from where it becomes evident, which behaviours and communication styles are beneficial to creating a thriving workplace.

Make culture as important an objective as your business strategy… it’s too significant to ignore and shaping it is one of your most important responsibilities as a leader.

Engaging me as your team’s Coach will ensure you are taking that responsibility without adding to your own work load. Contact me now to discuss how I can tailor my services to your team’s needs and what your investment will be for this added value: or by calling me on 021 1105 395