17th October “Find Your Sales Voice”
26th October Speech & Presentation Workshop

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Find Your ‘Sales’ Voice

How do I selll my service 4th July 2019


bye-bye-bullies-poster.jpgHow To Outsmart Bullies

Learn strategies and practical ways to stand up for yourself and become bully-proof! Meet a bully’s aggression with a firm “halt”, so he or she stops walking all over you. Reclaim your power and rebuild your self-confidence!


Practice Your Job Interviews



Do you want to present yourself as best as you can to your future employer?



Preparation is key!

Being coached from the side-line and receiving constructive feedback in a mock interview scenario presents clients with an ideal training ground to hone their skills. Weak areas can be ironed out and strengths can be played to advantage.The mock scenario will not only boost the client’s overall confidence, it will in fact directly impact on his/her success in landing a job.